Drow and the Devil's Elbow

This session resumed where the last left off – the group had just arrived at the entry to the workshop of the drow Depora Azrinae. Visible at the back of the cave was part of the Cyphergate. Several of the runes had been chiselled off the surface of the Cyphergate. Just inside the entrance to the cave were a pair of Dretches. In the middle of the cavern, Saul was on his knees before the drow, asking for forgiveness.

 The group was quick off the mark, and John Dalton moved in past the dretches to engage Depora and Saul. Depora reacted quickly, and stabbed the alchemist with her hand crossbow bayonet, glistening with poison. John's training held, and he resisted its effects.

 Segnar the dwarf moved in to engage the dretches, and slashed the first in a vital spot. Vanessada followed Sengar's example, and moved in to engage the second dretch, but failed to hurt it. The sorcerer threw a magic missile at Depora, and was able to pierce her mystical defences. The dretches wer finally able to act, and tried to scratch at the party, causing some damage to the lightly armoured among them. Saul attacked Segnar, but failed to hurt him. Arras moved in and shot one of the dretches dead, despite his lack of magical weaponry.

John Dalton once again tried to smash the drow, but could not penetrate her defences. Depora punished his impudence by stabbing at him and the Elven ninja beside him. The venom in John's system told, and he crashed unconscious to the floor. Segnar slashed at Saul, wounding him badly. Reacting quickly, Vanessada stepped over his John's unconscious form, and slashed Depora with her blade. The remaining dretch tried to cause fear in Segnar, but the stout dwarf was merely shaken briefly. Saul returned Segnar's attack, and was able to find a chink in his armour, but luckily it was in a non-vital place. (i.e. Saul rolled 4d6 for damage, and managed a total of 7…) The sorcerer moved in front of Arras and threw a splash of acid at Depora, now wary of her innate resistances. Arras had to take more than a step to get around the sorcerer, and shot at the dretch again, not seriously hurting it.

Depora continued to stab at Vanessada, hurting her, but no longer having any venom on her blades. Segnar duelled with Saul. Vanessada tumbled into position on the other side of Depora, providing Segnar with a future flank, and wounding Depora mildly. The sorcerer continued to splash Depora with acid. The dretch, now fearing it might suffer the same fate as its companion, lost control of itself, loosing a foul stench in the cavern. The sorcerer immediately began retching, as did Saul. Arras, resisting the stink, finished off the dretch.

Depora stabbed at the opponents surrounding her, manging small wounds. Seizing the opportunity, Segnar finished off Saul with a quick thrust. The sorcerer continued to void his stomach violently, but had managed to move out of the stench. Arras tried to hit Depora, but failed to penetrate her shieldwork. Depora, finally sensing things were going against her, activated her cloud of darkness, and made for the ladder to the surface.

The two dwarves, unhindered by the sudden dark, tried to give chase. Vanessada, more nimble than her short companions, leapt up the ladder after Depora. However, Depora's slippers of spider climb allowed her to quickly exit the shaft. Seeing an approaching ship, she began walking up onto the Cyphergate. As the party emerged from the darkness, they could see Depora up above, and began pelting her with as many missiles as possible. For a moment, it looked like the drow might escape. But then a might shot from the dwarven archer felled her, and her body drifted slowly down to the habour.

Collecting itself, the group retreated back to the Gold Goblin to recover from their ordeal. After a short ransacking session, and the beginnings of negotiation to sell the Goblin, the group handed the drow workbook over to Kwava, along with details of Saul's operation. It turned out that Saul had been funneling all of the funds made by the Goblin into Depora's operation. Depora had been building and maintaing some sort of hidden habitation on the island of Devil's Elbow for at least the last 12 months. As the group discussed their next move, a whistling noise was heard outside.

A streak of light arced down from the sky, a falling star traveling a southward course. Yet the star did not burn out – indeed, the streak lengthened and soon seemed almost as if it were hurtling directly at Riddleport. As the streaming light drew near, panic gripped the streets, but a moment later the falling star arced over the city and out to sea, trailing behind it a smoky scar and the sound of thunder.

The star streaked out to the south, reflected by the sea below, and then a moment later it struck the island of Devil's Elbow out to sea. A strange false dawn seemed to rise to the south as a brilliant blast of light filled the horizon. Several moments later, a tremendous explosion rolled through Riddleport as a powerful earth tremor struck. The quake wasn't enough to destroy buildings, but it was enough to knock some shingles from roofs, shake objects off of shelves, or crack the Sandpoint glass windows in several of the city's more affluent structures. As the tremor continued, an angry orange ball of fire rose into the sky on the horizon over Devil's Elbow, spreading in an ominous mushroom-shaped cloud.

By this time, much of Riddleport had gathered at the wharves and southern points of town for a better view of the distant holocaust. A few minutes later, the water of Riddleport Bay suddenly retreated into a bizarre and sudden low tide, revealing several sunken wrecks and flopping fish and more than a few stranded sharks. The group recognised the signs of an approaching tsunami, and immediately fled from the waterfront. Fortunately, the shape of Riddleport's harbor minimized the impact of the tsunami, but still, a few moments later, the water came rushing back in toward Riddleport, a 7-foot-high wall of churning froth that slammed into the waterfront with incredible power. Several smaller tsunamis struck Riddleport in the surrounding minutes, but these were not severe enough to do much more damage. In the end, the tsunami dealt more damage to Riddleport than the tremor. Dozens of ships were damaged, a few were sunk, but more were left stranded as far inland as Wharf Street. Many of Riddleport's piers were ruined or damaged, and several of the smaller buildings along the waterfront were destroyed or partially collapsed.

Over the next several hours, the crimelords and overlord of Riddleport mobilize in a way rarely seen in the lawless city, working together to put out fires, save citizens who have been swept out into the harbor, or kill angry and disoriented reefclaws, sharks, bunyips, and other dangerous sea creatures that suddenly became stranded in the city streets.


that is because john knows all about things that magic cant affect
and may the hated foes stay in the dark

Drow and the Devil's Elbow

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