In Armageddon's Shadow

After an initial moment of disorientation, the group found themselves in what appeared to be Celwynvian of 10 millenia prior, the city laid out before them in all its beauty. The sky above was covered in a black cloud, eerily similar to the Blot over Riddleport, only many times larger. The dark vortex swirled overhead, looking like a massive storm.

Although the place they appeared in looked like Celwynvian, something was wrong. The light was constantly muted, and never more than twilight. The sights, sounds and textures around them were strangely muted, tastes strangely bland.

Standing near to the group upon their arrival was an Elven scholar, who was examining the overhead Blot. The group approached Ilamin, and discussed the phenomena. Ilamin told the group how he thought the Blot was simply a weather phenomenon, and would soon pass. However, a large number of the city’s inhabitants believed Armageddon had arrived, and that the city would be destroyed. Many of those had evacuated the city.

After a short discussion, a group of incorporeal, fire-wielding undead creatures called Blast Shadows attacked the group. During the combat, the scholar appeared to take no notice of the goings-on around him. The creatures were quickly dispatched.

Following the scholar’s advice, the group next visited the Library of Reenai. The Library looked much like it had when they had previously visited, only in pristine condition. Inside the Library, all of the knowledge globes were in place and intact, and the group was approached by the last Master Librarian – Eloquan, the same Eloquan occupying the one functional knowledge globe the group had recovered. Eloquan confirmed that he believes the end is coming, but he refused to abandon his library. Instead, he had recorded his own knowledge globe, and was now tending the library in its last few days. Eloquan shared with the group that he believed humanity had brought this doom upon Golaria, in punishment for their hubris before the gods. He directed the group to Ekardani or Talgoren for further information, as they are the only two humans in the city. The group asked Eloquan if he had seen any Drow, and Eloquan revealed he was unfamiliar with that word. When the group described Drow, he said that he had seen some strange looking elves recently matching that description, performing research in the Library, but he did not know where they were staying.

Once outside the library, the group discussed their next move, and quickly decided to visit the Azlanti ambassador Talgoren, rather than the Thassilonian ambassador. As they headed in that direction, a peasant elf approached the group, saying she had a message. The message quickly proved to be a ruse, as the elf attempted to kill the group. After a short battle, the elf lay dead, and reverted to the form of a Drow.

Travelling to Talgoren, the group first stopped at the local city markets, and found them deserted but for a number of Doomsayers. These elves are convinced the end has arrived, and that it has been caused by humans. The human members of the group were accosted, and they in turn tried to make these people understand it was the aboleths who were responsible. After the discussion, a pair of Babau demons attacked the group, and after a more difficult time, they were fought off. The group then continued to Talgoren’s home.

Unlike others in the city, the group found Talgoren relaxing on a divan, reading a book of poetry. He revealed that he felt confident that his people would repel this attack, and that the elves were just overreacting. He also expressed the opinion that the Blot was likely the result of one of the continuing struggles between his people and the aboleths. The group spent some time trying to convince Talgoren to warn his people, and he eventually agreed to do so. The group also asked about the strange elves, and Talgoren said that he had seen some of them at the abandoned observatory.

The group next set up camp in one of the abandoned inns of the city, and recovered their resources. The dwarven soldier availed himself of some Elven alcohol, but found it somewhat bland – strangely, even more bland than he normally finds Elven wine.

The following morning, the group prepared to assault the observatory. They quickly fought through the front door guards, and then through the next group of guards. A trio of Babau proved somewhat more of a challenge to the group, but the next area was a surprise to all – in a vast chamber, with 40-foot ceilings, the group found Razorhorn, the Green Dragon.

Rather than assault the dragon, the group attempted first to negotiate an alliance with Razorhorn against the Drow. Razorhorn refuses to betray his allies, and eventually attacks the group. In very short order, they defeat Razorhorn, and spend some time sifting through the small collection of treasure in this area, before continuing on into the observatory proper.



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