Into Darkness

After some thought, the Sorcerer and Cleric decided to stick with the group after all. Still, the Synthesist had been replaced by a Half-Elven Paladin, and now a Barbarian stands with them.

After a short discussion with Eviana, the group agreed to undertake a dangerous infiltration mission, into the Drow city of Zirnakaynin. To aid in this mission, an Elven necromancer from the Mordant Spire named Giseil was introduced to the group. Giseil had developed a new spell to aid the party in their goals – Recorporeal Incarnation.

In essence, Recorporeal Incarnation takes a corpse, and turns it into a disguise around the target of the spell. The target becomes the race of the corpse for all intents and purposes, gaining all physical traits of the corpse, while retaining all of his own physical traits. The spell is bound to a focus, which must remain on the person of the target. The foci provided in this case were Bloodlink amulets, which also enable the wearers to emulate several drow spell-like abillities, and cloud their intentions. The spell has a duration of 13 weeks, after which the disguising corpse withers and falls off the target.

After an hour of ritual casting, the group now had their disguises. The proposed plan was to have the group travel through the corrupted Celwynvian elf-gate, sending them to Zirnakaynin. Their story was to be that they had waited in hiding, and rushed through the defenders to the gate once it had recharged. To reinforce the veracity of the story, the group was to be pursued by a troop of Elven archers, who would shoot at the players, and any Drow guards on the other side of the gate.

The gate was opened, and the group rushed through. On the other side, they found themselves in a cavern, with a Drow camp not far from the gate. As the group approached, they were also rushed by 3 Driders. Thankfully, the group remembered their place, and allowed the Driders to pass by them and attack the Elves. The Drow guards covered the group’s retreat, while fending off the Elven troops.

As the group reached the rear of the camp, a Drow merchant emerged from hiding under a wagon, and offered to guide the group to Zirnakaynin. The group agreed, and hopped into the wagon for a ride.

The merchant introduced himself as Garak Simiryin. After hearing their stories, he offered to introduce them to the Drow Noble house of Vonnarc, where he was headed with a delivery. He promised to be able to get them new positions in the prestigious house. Seeing an opportunity to gain shelter and a better cover, the group readily agreed.

After a circuit of the city, where Garak pointed out a number of landmarks, the wagon arrived at House Vonnarc’s palace. Garak arranges to have them introduced to the Slave Mother, Undamesta. Undamesta wastes no time in interrogating the group, starting with asking the Paladin where he is from. He reflexively answered with his real homeland…and quickly realises what he has done, and covers with a madeup place name. Undamesta seemed not to notice the slip, and the rest of the interview goes smoothly. At the end, Undamesta offers them all places in the House staff.

The group splits relatively evenly between warrior and house slave, and proceeds to blend in with the rest of the staff. Despite a few early problems, the group eventually settle into the rhythm of daily Drow life, and begin to earn a measure of trust.

A few days into their duties, the Dwarven mission specialist and Paladin noticed Garak calling, and later found him emerging from their chambers. Garak claimed to have seen someone in their chambers, and of chasing them off, after which he verified their possessions were still intact, but something about his story did not ring true. Segnar was able to determine that their gear had been thoroughly searched.

Several days later, the group was sent to hunt down a group of rogue Driders. Accompanied by two Drow guards, the group quickly approached the location of the renegades, and slew them with little effort. Word of their deed spread throughout the House.

A short time after this, the group’s chambers are entered by Undamesta after hours. Undamesta seems displeased, and hisses at the group to gear up and follow her, quickly. The group was led to the Noble Terrace of the palace. They were greeted there by the sight of Tiryin Vonnarc and a female Drow merchant, both covered in blood. Behind them, in the pool, were the corpses of three naked Drow males.

Tiryin hissed ‘Why did you bring them?’. Undamesta ignored the comment, and ordered Tiryin to drag the bodies from the pool. Undamesta turned to the Drow woman, and told her that the group were trusted servants, and would escort her safely home, but she was not to ever return.

The group quickly hustled the woman, named Safan, to the stables. As they argued over the best way to leave the palace, they were attacked by a group of house guards, all clearly wearing Vonnarc-issued armour. After the battle, though, all were found to not be wearing their house signets. Leaving the bodies, the group used Safan’s riding lizards to exit the palace unseen, and escorted her home. Several days later, Safan delivered a thank-you gift, in the form of an expensive dagger (+3), and several doses of Vayav.



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