On Armageddon's Doorstep

Flush with success over killing a dragon, the group explored the few areas on the first floor of the observatory they had not already. Near the dragon lair, they encountered a Troglodyte warrior watching over two prisoners. Despite two of the group succumbing to the foul odour, the creature was dispatched quickly. The prisoners turned out to be the elves Kaerishiel and Shalelu, and had been badly treated in their time with the Drow. The cleric applied what aid he could, and the group left the pair to fortify their room while they went to finish clearing out the structure.

Returning to an area skipped over earlier, the group discovered a large collection of documents written in Elven, which nobody could speak. Rather than waste time, they left the documents with the injured elves to read over, and climbed the central tower of the observatory.

Two staircase wound around the outside of the tower before meeting at a landing. Seeing a Drow spellcaster on the landing, the cleric quickly cast a Silence spell, and moved to engage. The shadow synthesist and the rest of the group moved up as best they could, the stairs taking their toll on the poor dwarves. The second Drow spellcaster retreated further up the tower, out of the effect of the silence spell, sending a fireball back down behind him. The first spellcaster attempted to push the cleric off the stairs, but failed miserably, and was then quickly cut down, despite having grown claws.

The group quickly moved through the balcony, keen to not allow the second sorceror to esacpe. As they finally dispatched him, on the stairs to the top of the tower, an empowered fireball detonated as if from nowhere. A frantic search for the new threat ensued, with most of the group trying to move off the stairs. The sorceror attempted to land a fireball on the caster without luck, and the synthesist tried to Glitterdust with the same results. Nobody could sense the location of this new threat until, on the next round, another spell was cast. A Phantasmal Killer spell was unleashed on the sorceror, killing him outright from fear. The Zen archer shot the spot where the drow mage was, and landed some hits.

A readied Sound Burst targeted the mage on the next round, but he still managed to successfully cast a Shadow Evocation version of Ball Lightning, but shortly afterwards, the Zen Archer finally homed in on the threat, landing 4 out of 5 arrows through the Invisibility. The mage fell to the ground, very dead.

Searching the mage, the group found a number of valuable items, and the portal key for both the Armageddon Echo and the corrupted elf gate back at the Academy in Celwynvian. Rather than wait around for the final fireworks of Earthfall, the group exited the Armageddon Echo, and found themselves back in the Academy.

After some time spent recovering, and deciding which of the group members would continue on, the next phase of the Elven plan was revealed – the group was to don strangely effective disguises as Drow, and infiltrate the city of Zirnakaynin! Strangely, after this revelation, the Shadow Synthesist, Human Cleric and Sorceror were nowhere to be found. In their place stood a Half-elven Paladin of Pharasma, and two other strangely indefinite figures.



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