War Against Darkness

Capitalising on their earlier success, the group was sent by Eviana to assault an Alchemical laboratory, the source of much of the drow poisons and alechemical devices.

Arriving at the site, the group found a ruined structure, surrounded by toxic alchemical waste. Quickly preparing, they hasted and shielded themselves, and began their moves into the ruin…at which point, a drider revealed itself, and lightning bolted most of the party. The group quickly split itself – the Fetchling and archer taking on the drider, while the Cleric, mission specialist and sorcerer continued into the main lab.

The drider was tough, but eventually fell to the wait of arrows from the Zen archer, while the unexpected reach of the summoner stopped the drider from moving away. Even a last-ditch invisibility was not enough to protect the creature from the steel rain.

In the meantime, the sorcerer sent a lightning ball into the main lab, clearing out a group of 6 troglodytes with little effort. The heavily armoured dwarf made full use of the haste effect to rush across the room and engage the drow alchemist, while the cleric supported. Despite several attempted spells from the alchemist, she was taken down with little damage to the group.

After the battle, the group were unsure of the best way to deal with the alchemical supplies. So, they resorted to the old standard, and fireballed the room. This released a cloud of toxic vapours into the air, which continued to plague the war effort for several days to come.

Just as the group were leaving, a lone drow captain arrived at the lab for a status report. The dwarven archer, with a single volley, killed the captain before she could even react.

On their way back to the elven encampment, a lone elven scout arrived, and appraised the group of an impending disaster – Kaerishiel and a band of his scouts had been trapped in a ruined tower by a drow alchemical ballista. Moving around the edge of the city, the party attempted to come to his rescue.

Along the way, the group encountered and slew a pair of shambling mounds. Although the plant creatures did put up a fight, and one was briefly bolstered by an electrical burst, they were no match for the party.

Arriving at the location given to them by the scout, the group found the elven scouts mostly unconscious, and pinned down inside an old tower. Directly across from this tower, a group of drow manned a ballista armed with alchemical fire bolts. After the application of another haste spell, and a fly spell on the dwarven archer, the cleric moved into the open, and took shelter behind his tower shield, drawing the drow fire. Meanwhile, the flying archer took aim and downed 2 of the drow, and the flying summoner zoomed over to engage the last few drow alone. A short time later, the dwarven tank caught up, and helped mop up the remaining drow.

While escorting Kaerishiel and his scouts back to the Elven camp, the group was ambushed by a patrol of 3 driders. Despite the quick dispatch of the drider at the alchemy lab, the party’s drained resources and the surprise round of 3 coordinated lightning bolts almost told true, and 2 of the party fell unconscious – the healer and archer. The synthesist and summoner, both resistant to lightning, both moved to tie up the driders, and assist the dwarven tank, also sorely wounded. After some coordinated efforts to get the cleric and archer back on their feet, the group fought back doggedly, and were eventually able to defeat all 3 driders, and make their way back to camp to recover.



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