John Dalton

Science/Art Incendiers and Exothermic reactions


he grew up in many cites his father doing what he could to feed his boy plying his trade as a hedge wizard his mother died at child birth so left to roam free to a point he learn t all he could about the plants and elements of the world but not in the traditional sense of earth wind water and fire, no he meet a wise woman when he was 9 in the city of Corentyn she taught him about the other elements how rock when crushed and set alight could not be put out by water or earth, of gasses that would hang in the are and burn like fire but cooled the room and this peek his interest so his father got him an apprenticeship with a alchemist in Absalom there he spent the next ten years learning his craft he is adventuring to pay off his debt to his old master(apparently blowing up an important experiment is cause to be sent away) needs to win the tournment in riddle port to pay off his debt likes the catch phrase Bang Snicker Giggle


John Dalton

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