A wild elf ranger from Mwangi, and a member of the Shin'Rakorath


Kwava CR 4

Male elf ranger 4

N Medium humanoid


Kwava is a wild elf of the Ekujae tribe of the distant Mwangi Expanse far to the south, a tribe whose ancestry dates back to before Earthfall. When that ancient disaster struck, the Ekujae elves were left behind, but they survived the Age of Darkness nevertheless. The oral traditions of today's Ekujae elves preserved the memories of this time as legends and warnings, and fear of a second darkness weighs heavily upon their seers and prophets. Kwava comes from a long line of heroes who have served his tribe's shamans since those ancient times, and it was after one of those shamans received a vision of a lone elf holding aloft a single light against the darkness that Kwava left his home to seek his destiny. As a result, Kwava traveled Golarion for several years, eventually coming to the small town of Crying Leaf at the edge of the Mierani Forest. Here, he first learned of the Shin’Rakorath. After hearing the company's rhetoric ("to be the light against the coming darkness"), Kwava took it as a sign and joined the mercenary company. Kaerishiel, his direct superior in the Shin’Rakorath, explained that he feared a renegade elf from the Mierani Forest might have fled to the human city of Riddleport, where the renegade might have recruited the aid of one of that city's crimelords. Kwava's first assignment was to scout out the city of Riddleport and the environs and to determine if any of the city's crimelords had indeed taken in a mysterious elven ally of late. What the Shin’Rakorath leaders fear is that this "renegade" is in fact a drow-they hope that their fears are unfounded.


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