Saul Vancaskerkin


Saul is a short man, and normally appears in well-maintained, but cheap, clothing. His thinning black hair is slicked back. His left arm ends in a stump just above the wrist, and affixed to it is a bronze cap from which protrudes an oddly shaped key. 

In Saul's youth, he moved from gang to gang, often selling out an old boss to gain a slightly more favorable position with a new boss. He managed to juggle his complex allegiances between multiple crimelords well, at least until his son Orik was involved in a scandal involving local prostitute Lavendar Lil and an alchemist named Falk. The alchemist's body turned up in the river, and several witnesses placed Orik in the vicinity at the time. The fact that Orik fled Riddleport for parts unknown did further damage to the Vancaskerkin name, but the major issue was that Falk was the brother of one of Riddleport's crimelords-Clegg Zincher. Saul tried to get his other son Verik to aid him in covering up some key evidence, but Verik had had enough of his father's life of crime and fled Riddleport as well to become a member of the Korvosan Guard.

With no allies left but his third wife Bertrida, Saul decided to abandon Riddleport as well, but Zincher was ready for him and cashed in a favor with the Overlord to have Saul's home surrounded. He hoped to have the gendarmes take Saul into custody, but the plan fell apart when it became apparent that Saul's house was on fire. The gendarmes managed to stop the fire before it spread, but not before it claimed Bertrida's life. They caught Saul in a nearby ally trying to flee, and in the inquest to come it became apparent that he'd murdered his own wife and lit his house on fire in a desperate attempt to fake his death and distract the gendarmes long enough to escape Riddleport. The Overlord was not pleased, but at Zincher's request, Saul's execution was "downgraded" to heavy fines and a hand. Of course, Zincher wasn't arguing for mercy – death would have been just that to Saul. Zincher wanted Saul alive but destitute and maimed-alive so he could live for a long time with the repercussions of his family's role in Falk Zincher's death.

Over the past several years, Saul has painstakingly rebuilt his fortune and reputation to the point where he was able to purchase and refurbish the crumbling Gold Goblin game hall. To date, rumors hold that Zincher is watching Saul's progress, watching and waiting to strike-Zincher himself has publicly stated that "Saul has paid his dues. I bear him no further ill will and wish the man luck in rebuilding what's left of his life."

Saul Vancaskerkin

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