Eviana Nirgassan

Seated in a high-backed chair of polished white birch, Eviana is a striking figure. Her high brow is set with a thin metal circlet, and small gemstones sparkle in her hair. Although richly dressed in a finely made gown, the hilt of a sword is clearly visible at her waist. When dressed for war, Eviana instead wears shining elven mail.

The leader of Crying Leaf has had a tumultuous reign. Appointed by the elven council in Kyonin, Eviana Nirgassan was placed in charge of the community nearly a decade ago after the previous leader was assassinated by the drow. Although the lowgrade war with the dark elves has been going on for many years, it has intensified recently as both sides seek an end to the conflict.

Eviana has also been forced to keep this escalation quiet from both the outside world and her own kin, who would find such news quite disturbing. The Shin’Rakorath also maintains a unit of hunters and scouts here. Kaerishiel is the leader of the Shin’Rakorath in Crying Leaf, and he and Eviana do not often agree on what is best for the community—Kaerishiel has long pushed for a stronger offensive against the drow, while Eviana prefers a campaign of silence and containment.

Eviana has been quite disturbed by the recent events in Riddleport, as reported by Kwava. As such, she was quite relieved when Kwava’s animal messenger arrived, informing her that a group of heroes had recovered a journal that might help turn the tide against the drow. Kaerishiel argued against inviting these “heroes” into an elven situation, but in the end her desires to recruit the aid of the PCs won out over the other elf ’s reservations.

Eviana Nirgassan

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